You and Me and the Wishing Tree

“We woke up in the usual way,
but it was not a usual day.

Out on the lawn, plain as could be,
stood an orange wishing tree.

‘I wish!,’ said I.
‘I wish!,’ said you.

And so our double wishes grew.”

A book to tickle your child’s imagination. All wishes are wishable… from flying high to growing candy… from becoming invisible to making friends with a unicorn. But for the parent?

“As you drifted off to sleep, you whispered,
‘Did your wish come true?’
I whispered back, ‘My little one,
my wish was just to be with you.’”

Sample Spreads

Reviews for You and Me and the Wishing Tree:

School Library Journal

“Gorgeous, magical illustrations complement this ode to the love between a parent and child. The joyous excursion through the boy’s imagination makes for a sweet bedtime read, giving both parent and child a chance to share wishes great and small. A delightful read for one-on-one sharing.”

Publishers Weekly

“Tillman’s mixed-media collages always have an air of surreal magic to them, a quality that especially befits this dreamy story of a mother’s visit to a wish-granting tree with her child.”

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