I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love

New York Times Bestseller

“There are things about you quite unlike any other…
things always known by your father or mother.
So if you decide to be different one day,
no worries…I’d know you anyway.”

Every child is special and unique, but children also love to dream of being something different. Taking flight like an owl… running fast as a horse… roaring loudly like a lion… there are no limits to children’s imaginations. And no matter where their dreams may take them, you are there, every step of the way.

In this book, your children can pretend to be many animals. But, more importantly, they will learn that you love them and are proud of them… no matter what they might decide to be.

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Reviews for I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love:

Publishers Weekly

“Young children adore pretending to be animals, and Tillman’s insight into the wish to turn into another creature powers this book.”


The underlying message – that a mother’s love can’t be fooled by either change of appearance or crowds – will appeal to children on a visceral level, especially children who’ve just started encountering their peers at school for the first time and are beginning to feel the first hints of separation. The natural speaking rhythm Tillman adopts for her prose lends itself to reading aloud together, and her prose, though winningly simple, is always very precisely evocative (for anybody who’s ever had the dubious honor, “whiskery kisses” is, for example, extremely apt when it comes to giraffes).Tillman has used this formula – simple, straightforward, vividly memorable, optimistic – to create some much-beloved kids books in her career (including her best-selling debut On the Night You Were Born), and this latest is a fine addition to that roll call.


I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love is a modern day classic children’s book. My immediate thought the first time I finished reading the book was: Nancy Tillman has written a perfect children’s book. The text conveys a beautiful message about dreams and imagination. The illustrations are flawless. Every page is frameworthy. My children were captivated by the pictures and the words the moment I started reading. I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love is a book that belongs on every child’s bookshelf.

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