About Nancy Tillman

About Nancy TillmanNancy self-published her first book, On the Night You Were Born, in 2005. Her dearest wish with On the Night You Were Born, and subsequent books, has always been to give parents words to say what they feel about their children. Nancy’s illustrations are created digitally using dozens of layers of illustrative elements. These layers are eventually merged to form a composite, at which point texture and mixed media are applied.  Nancy lives in Oregon with her husband, a Pug and a French Bulldog.  She’d have a giraffe if she could, but her husband won’t let her.

Nancy’s books are published by Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan. Thus far five of her books have been New York Times bestsellers.



  • On the Night You Were Born, 2005 — New York Times Bestseller.
  • It’s Time to Sleep, My Love (with Eric Metaxas) 2008
  • The Spirit of Christmas, 2009
  • Wherever You Are, My Love will Find You, 2010 — New York Times Bestseller.
  • Tumford the Terrible, 2011
  • The Crown on Your Head, 2011 — New York Times Bestseller.
  • Tumford’s Rude Noises, 2012
  • Let There Be Light, (with Desmond Tutu) 2013
  • I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love, 2013 — New York Times Bestseller.
  • The Heaven of Animals, 2014
  • You’re Here for a Reason, 2015 — New York Times Bestseller.
  • You and Me and the Wishing Tree, 2016
  • You’re All Kinds of Wonderful, 2017
  • You Are Loved, 2018
  • I Knew You Could Do It!, 2019
  • Because You’re Mine, 2020

Nancy Tillman is represented by Cathy Hemming, Cathy D. Hemming Literary Agency in association with McCormick & Williams.

Nancy and Giraffe

You are loved.

You are the one and only ever you.

All Nancy Tillman books are published by Feiwel & Friends.
Visit them at feiwelandfriends.com